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Is It Better To Hire A Tax Attorney To Review My Tax Records

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Paying taxes is one of the inevitable things in this life. Every corporation and business organization is required by the law to pay taxes and file their returns each year. Failure to do this can lead to IRS audit and investigation on you which has severe consequences, Says Rene Dalton from Riverside tax attorney. If you are facing an IRS audit, tax evasion or tax fraud case in the court, then you need the help of a tax attorney to stand a better chance of winning the case. A reputable tax lawyer can ensure you the best outcome and save you from losing your assets or paying hefty fines associated with IRS cases. Here are 3 top benefits of hiring a Riverside tax attorney.

1. Tax Planning

A reputable tax attorney can inform you about tax advantages at your disposal that you would not otherwise be aware of. This may include aspects of business endeavors, estate planning, property investment, or other aspects of the tax code. He or she can also advise you on every tax deduction that’s legally at your disposal and even help take advantage of them and minimize tax liability. In addition, an experienced tax lawyer can help file your returns and avoid common errors that might alert the IRS and make them audit you.

2. Audit Defense

Are you being audited by the IRS or think that you might be? If so, your best bet is to hire a tax professional to represent you and ensure you’re protected. A qualified lawyer will defend you against illegal IRS conduct and advice you on the next steps. He or she will attend all the IRS meetings on your behalf and argue in your favor to protect your assets and reputation. Unlike CPA, a tax lawyer can also represent you in court, if needed to ensure the ruling favors you. 

3. Tax-related Crime Defense

Are you facing tax evasion or fraud charges? If so, then you really need a tax attorney on your side. These are very serious crimes which are treated as intentional mistakes. When found guilty, you serve in jail for up to 5 years. In addition, you could pay a hefty fine, lose your business, or be forced to liquidate your assets. A Riverside tax attorney can advocate and negotiate for you to ensure the best outcome.

These are the top benefits of hiring a tax lawyer. If you are looking for a tax attorney in Riverside, you can visit for professional services.… Read the rest

By James Rees