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What Kind Of Service Do You Have For A Cremation

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Cremation services have become an increasingly popular option for many people, these services are known to be an alternative to burial, which are mainly used to dispose of the body of a deceased person.

Cremation is a process that involves the incineration of the body in a crematorium oven that utilizing high temperatures, vaporization, and pressure that disintegrate the body to its most essential elements and thus turning them into ashes.

How to choose a cremation service

Finding a funeral home that performs these services should be like making any other important purchase, it is not a decision that can be taken lightly. However, if you want to hire a cremation service, your best option is undoubtedly cremation services Redlands.

How does the cremation service work?

The cremation service has several steps to follow, among which we can find:

Body preparation

In the cremation service, the body of the deceased person is dressed and prepared in the same way as that of a corpse that will be buried.

The body is left with clothes, except fire-resistant metal elements.

If there is any garment that the family wishes to keep, they must notify the funeral home to remove it before the body goes to the crematorium where only the body will be inserted.

Cremation Funeral

30 minutes before the time of the incineration the family of the deceased is received to make the final farewell.

Family members are also informed about the deceased’s jewelry and belongings.

They may choose, by signed document, if they want to recover them or include them in the incineration.

If they have not chosen it, they are shown the available cinerary urns.


After the final farewell, the incineration process begins.

The incineration steps are as follows:

1. First, the coffin with the body of the deceased passes from the chapel to the room where the oven is on a stretcher.

2. Once the coffin is in the crematorium oven room, it is placed in a lifting machine that introduces it into the oven, removes the stretcher and closes the oven door.

3. The crematorium starts the incineration, reaching temperatures of 750-850º that are maintained for a total of 2 hours.

4. Then the ashes are cooled in an industrial saucepan for about 30 minutes.

5, After cooling, the ashes are passed to a second saucepan where the process is carried out where the ashes are crushed with steel balls for 10 minutes to crumble and homogenize the ashes.

6. Finally, the ashes are poured into the urn chosen by the family. Which must be delivered closed and identified with the name of the deceased.

7. Upon removal of the ashes together with the urn, a cremation certificate will be given to the family of the deceased.

It is recommended to keep this certificate if family members decide to keep the urn with ashes.

Cremation Advantages

Among the most important advantages of cremation we can mention:

1. You can dispose of the ashes in the way the family wishes or as the deceased has established.

2. The ash urn is compact and occupies less space than a coffin, making it easier to deposit them inland or pantheon that is available, and cheaper to acquire a niche to store them.

3. If you decide to disperse them, you can save the cost of buying a niche or lot and its maintenance costs.

If you choose cremation or want a funeral service you will find that cremation services Redlands are the best option for you and your family.

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