Why Claddagh Rings Are The Perfect Piece of Jewelry

Why Claddagh Rings Are The Perfect Piece of Jewelry

1st September 2020 Off By James Rees

One of the most popular pieces of Irish jewelry, Claddagh rings comes in various shapes and sizes but all of them feature one of the most iconic and unique designs. They suit men and women alike, with many different celebrities out there that have been spotted wearing one – Jennifer Aniston, Walt Disney, and even the former American president John F Kennedy. There are a number of different reasons that make Claddagh rings the ideal piece of jewelry – the following three are just a few of them.

A Compelling, Rich History

Claddagh rings are said to originate in the 17th century, mainly worn as an engagement/wedding ring. The first known piece was created by a man who was separated from the woman he cherished, with the ring being a symbol of his eternal love. After twelve years of being apart, they finally reconnected and he gave the ring to his beloved. Even though the story and the first ring creator can’t be officially confirmed, they accurately portray what the ring represents. It isn’t simply something that you wear for its aesthetic appeal – instead, it has a much deeper meaning. At gemiani.com, you can find hundreds of different Claddagh rings for both men and women, with various different gemstones.

An Attractive Design

Every Claddagh ring features a pair of hands between which is a heart with a crown on top of it. The hands, heart, and the crown represent friendship, love, and loyalty respectively. This makes them perfect for any and all purposes, whether you wish to represent love or as a friendship gift. Although the first Claddagh ring was allegedly made out of gold, you can find them crafted from a variety of precious metals – white gold, platinum, silver, etc. Their true beauty stems from their differences and their similarities, as anyone can find one suited to their personal taste.

Different Ways To Wear Them

Depending on the hand and the position in which the heart is pointing, the Claddagh ring can have different meanings. If it’s on your right hand and the heart points away from you, it means that you’re single. If it points towards you, you’re in a relationship. On the left hand and the heart away from you, it represents engagement, and if it’s pointed towards you, it means you’re married. Ultimately, you should wear it how you prefer regardless of its meaning.

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